Technoideal announces the launch of the DOUBLEcut Cutting Machine, used to sequentially cut identical or different sizes and lengths of tubing simultaneously in one operation.

Machine General Description – The DOUBLEcut is equipped with: dual uncoiler, dual cutting station each with lubricating alcohol system integrated, dual discharge conveyer 3MT long (possibility to supply 2MT), 2 kits of cutting bushings or different tube sizes. Essentially, the DOUBLEcut is the TECNOCUT with double cutting group, double unwinder and double discharge conveyor.

It has a programmable automatic cutting machine includes a display touch and PLC with the possibility to:

  1. Program both the cutting stations to cut either the same or different lengths of tubing as well as the cutting sequence.
  2. Program the same cutting sequence on both cutting units for distribution to multiple operators or to a conveyor system for downstream distribution.

“A machine of this proficiency is quite intimidating,” said Luca Roversi, head engineer of TechnoIdeal. “But the precision and efficiency of this machine is unlike any other tube cutter I have seen or used in my career.”

TechnoMed is the sister company of Technoideal. Tecnoideal is known as a leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and systems that are used by many medical device manufacturers world-wide.

Contact Information
Ludovico Giavotto TechnoMed Inc.
7646 Standish Place Derwood, MD 20855